When Your Weight Starts Creeping Up

March 13, 2015 - Weight Loss and Weight Management

If you read the statistics about people who put weight back on after dieting, you’ll find that most people gain weight after achieving diet goals. Use the strategies below to keep the weight off that you’ve worked hard to lose.

Don’t give yourself a large weight range for considering your weight after you achieve your dieting goals. By keeping your tolerance of weight fluctuation to plus under five pounds, you’ll avoid forgiving yourself weight gain that will require you begin officially dieting again.

Practice portion control even if you’re adding foods to your diet that you didn’t permit yourself during your active weight-loss dieting. By limiting the quantity of food you can better control calories you’re consuming, even if you’re eating some higher-calorie foods which will prevent weight gain.

If you’re replacing your own meals with expensive pre-packaged diet meals, don’t try to imitate the pre-made meals. You should instead try to cook meals with similar numbers of calories as the pre-made meals.

Don’t reduce your exercise regimen after you’ve reached your weight-loss goals. Reducing your exercise by even a single day a week after you’ve achieved your weight-loss goals can increase your weight.

Don’t fast in response to weight gain because you’ll set yourself up for becoming one of the yo-yo weight-gain. This is when people don’t maintain their weight in a consistent fashion.

Make adjustments for changes in lifestyle, or age as appropriate. Weight is influenced by how many calories you expend so that any change that means that your routine is less active than it was previously can result in weight gain. Similarly, changes in health and age can mean less activity that will require you to reduce the number of calories you take in.

Make sure you pay attention to muscle tone as part of maintaining your healthy weight. Just as is the case with having extra room, people tend to fill up more room. When you have bigger clothes, you tend to consume more calories. If your clothes start feeling tighter but you aren’t heavier, adjust your exercise for muscle toning so that your current clothing fits.

Don’t expect to look the same as you age even if you maintain the same weight. Especially if you’re in middle age or older, your body will continue to age even after you achieve your weight loss goals. You should never become so discouraged with signs of aging such as wrinkling or sagging that you lose motivation to maintain your healthy weight.

Be careful about returning to unhealthy eating habits during stressful times by prioritizing your healthy weight even after you’ve achieved weight-loss goals. By continuing to focus on your health weight as an important lifestyle change, you’re less likely to engage in overeating or unhealthy eating habits that you might have engaged in during emotionally stressful times.

Maintaining your healthy weight once you have achieved it through dieting can be difficult. Use the suggestions above to help prevent weight loss after you have achieved your dieting goals.

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