VA Respiratory Condition Claims *SLEEP APNEA CLAIM SECRETS REVEALED* By A Former C&P Examiner!

November 7, 2019 - Sleep Apnea
VA Respiratory Condition Claims *SLEEP APNEA CLAIM SECRETS REVEALED* By A Former C&P Examiner!

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Leah Bucholz is a Disabled Army Veteran, Licensed Physician Assistant, CEO of Prestige Worldwide Medical Consulting and likewise the Team Lead and Resident Expert for VA Claims Insider for all points Medical.

The majority of Veterans endure from obstructive sleep apnea. VA claims for Sleep Apnea top the graphes in the VA Respiratory Condition Claims department. One of the first sleep apnea case keys is knowing which type of rest apnea condition that you experience from.

Central sleep apnea is when your brain falls short to send out the message through your nerve system, to breath. It is triggered by medical troubles as well as conditions that influence the brain stem. This is various than obstructive because they differ in reasons. Just know the distinction between Central and also Obstructive Sleep Apnea is crucial when you most likely to file your VA case for sleep apnea.

Blended rest apnea is a mix of both obstructive and central, and also is much more complex. This is created by using the CPAP equipment. Now that we have the requirements for a medical diagnosis figured, it’s time to get the diagnosis.

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Leah is bar none, among the markets most well-informed when it comes to Veterans and their VA Disability Claims.

If you are dealing with Sleep Apnea, Sinusitis or any kind of other respiratory system condition that you feel was caused or made even worse by your armed forces service this is a MUST WATCH!

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