Using Routine To Help Stick To Weight Loss Goals

February 26, 2015 - Weight Loss and Weight Management

Whether you’re currently dieting or intend to diet, achieving a healthy weight requires an ability to stick to your diet. Use the following routines to habituate healthy habits that will help you lose weight.

Establish a menu that you can stick to in order to stop thinking about what you’re eating or preparing for dinner. Once you’ve established a menu that includes seven dinners a week and you stick to it for a few weeks you can try doing the same thing with lunch menus. Once you know what you’re eating for meals based on the day of the week, you’ll find yourself able to think less about food in between meals.

Avoid trying to come up with endless alternatives within a certain food group in order to support variety and try sticking to a few favorite fruits or vegetables. By limiting options, for instance, including one or two fruits or cut-up vegetables that you plan to snack on, you can avoid thinking about food all the time.

Consider including some favorite foods in your diet and adjusting portions or ingredients to reduce calories. Whether you love pizza or hamburgers, you can include these foods in your diet menu by adjusting both portion size and ingredients, such as the bread or crust you use, and sticking to a single portion rather than having larger portion sizes.

Get in the habit of shopping for your menu items before shopping for other items that find their way to your food list when you’re in the grocery store. If you find that you still tend to buy a lot of snacks or foods that are not part of your menu, consider making separate trips to the grocery store during the week, one for menu essentials and the other for other food items.

Plan on exercising every day rather than three or four times a week in order to avoid negotiating with yourself about whether or not to work out and missing your goal of working out three or four times a week.

Don’t play games with exchanges, such as trading a hamburger for a certain cookie. If you want to include a specific item of food in your menu, then change your menu to include that item while sticking to overall calorie goals.

Don’t give yourself indigestion or stomach aches by loading up on foods that cause you digestive distress just because they’re good for dieting. Whether you’re attempting to fill yourself up with veggies or fruits, if you give yourself an upset stomach you’re actually training yourself not to incorporate the healthy food habit. Instead, include a higher-calorie but still healthy alternative and reduce your calorie intake through portion control.

Try not to give up entire food groups as part of your dieting strategy in order to maintain overall health and reduce perceived cravings for certain foods.

Creating healthy routines that reduce the thought and time required to maintain healthy lifestyle changes can help support weight-loss goals. Use the above suggestions to establish routines that support your dieting goals.

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