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September 22, 2015 - Men's Health

My name is Paul Bartlett, or Coach Paul.  I’m a Fitness Fanatic, Obstacle Course Ninja, and a Group Fitness Instructor. And yes I may be young enough to be your son, but I know a ton about fat loss so listen up. The following story is why I am where I am today…

One late night in February I started heading to the bathroom to brush my teeth then go to bed. About one minute into brushing my teeth I heard a loud thud above.  I was concerned because I thought we may have had an intruder. This made me freeze for about 15 seconds. My heart rate jumped because, as men we are natural defenders so, I thought of all the ways I could take this guy out.  I then heard three foot slams on the floor above. I sprinted up the stairs, with my toothbrush still in my mouth, and just around the corner I see every young man’s nightmare…

… I see my mom crying, paralyzed in fear, next to my ghostly looking father who was just staring into space. He was on the floor with his back against the wall.  I quickly turned into the bathroom to toss my toothbrush down, then with my Dad staring at me with glazed eyes I scream as loud as I ever had, “No! I need you, this can’t be happening!”

This dramatic event was a major turning point in my young life, it set me on my path to becoming a Personal Trainer and Group Fitness Instructor. He was not eating or exercising like a real man should. Don’t put the stress of a heart attack on your family. One in every four deaths in men is from heart disease.

As a young Instructor I read like crazy…

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