The 27 Habits

February 28, 2016 - Hypertension

27 Quick and Easy "Lifestyle Hacks" You Can Use To Transform Your Body In 2016 WITHOUT Complex Dieting Or Dangerous Workout Routines!

An experienced personal trainer with literally hundreds of in person success stories and right now…

These 27 "Lifestyle Hacks" DO NOT involve complex dieting, or workouts that leave you walking like a mummy for days after!

When I first started working with clients I had a hard time getting the results I wanted for them, until… I met Mariko.

She was the winner of my first body transformation challenge and as you can see in the pictures below, her results were fantastic…

Mariko Used These 27 Quick and Easy "Lifestyle Hacks" To Lose 13lbs In Just 6 Weeks And KEPT It Off For Good!

A few months had passed since I hosted my first body transformation challenge and I decided to do a second one.

I figured with all of the success she had, she would be back on board for another round. Seems logical, right? So…

I emailed her and asked her why she wasn’t going to join me for another challenge. Her response shook me to the core, she said to me…

“I didn’t join the new challenge, because the information you shared during the last one stuck with me. I feel like I’ve transformed my habits enough that I don’t need another challenge. For the first time in my life, I know what to do to keep my body looking and feeling great and it was easier then I thought it would be!”

Unlike Complex Diets And Dangerous Workouts, These 27 "Lifestyle Hacks" Can Help You Permanently Transform Your Body!

After seeing her results, I went back through all the habits I had taught during that first challenge and identified the…

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