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Best Sleeping Positions/Tactics to Avoid Neck & Back Pain, Snoring, & Sleep Apnea – Dr Mandell, DC
This video is for you if you truly want to recognize just how to rest much better as well as remain much healthier. I desire everyone a terrific evenings [...]
New pacemaker for sleep apnea cuts deadly risks
Rest apnea means greater than just a snore– the condition increases the danger for stroke as well as other dangerous troubles. Currently a brand-new [...]
CPAP Tips from FDA
Do you have sleep apnea and also make use of a continual positive respiratory tract stress (CPAP) device when sleeping? Right here are some ideas from the [...]
Michelle’s Sleep Apnea 5 Minutes
Sleep Apnea Patient Fiends Relief Through Groundbreaking Procedure at UPMC
When conventional rest apnea therapies fell short for Denise Hoover, she relied on the experts at the UPMC Center for Sleep Surgery and also became the [...]
HOV: Managing Diabetes While Sleeping
“The doctor stated it was the most awful case he had actually ever seen in 15 years.”
Sleeping video that will show the dangers of sleep apnea
This was a video clip taken when I feel asleep. I stop breathing.
Dr. Soose explains sleep apnea clinical trial
Ryan Soose, M.D., director of the UPMC Division of Sleep Surgery as well as assistant professor at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine, [...]
Treatment for sleep apnea helps Joe Lyons sleep soundly
Joe Lyons sleeps much better now that he’s been treated for rest apnea at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical. Even much better for his spouse, he no more [...]
Sleep Apnea Treatment and Management – Dr Michael Byrd Memorial Hermann associated ear, throat and also nose professional Dr. Michael Byrd [...]