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Managing depression, anxiety and panic attacks after your heart attack | Marie Young Psychologist
In this video Psycho therapist Marie Young, speaks about handling stress and anxiety, anxiety as well as panic attacks after your heart occasion. VVisit [...]
Living With and Managing Sleep Apnea
This video clip– offered by the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute, part of the National Institutes of Health– shows how Jim, the father [...]
Understanding Type 2 Diabetes
Learn extra at: This computer animation defines insulin resistance, an underlying reason for type 2 diabetes [...]
How to manage diabetes in the post transplant patient?
On May 23, BC Transplant held their annual education day for team around the district that operate in organ contribution and transplant. This year’s [...]
Treatment and Management of Type 2 Diabetes
Find out more at: The objective of Type 2 Diabetes treatment is to safely maintain blood sugar within the typical [...]