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How to manage diabetes with Yoga?
Yoga exercise has Asanas and also Pranayamas which helps in balancing and also minimizing the influence of Diabetes in your daily regimen. Watch Maa [...]
Meditation for Deep Relaxation, Managing Depression, Release Negative Energy, Mental Health
This deeply enjoyable, calming #guidedmeditation for handling #depression, taking care of #stress as well as stress and anxiety as well as releasing [...]
8 Hour Sleep track for Apnea/ Snoring Track – Increase relaxation in the Subconscious
☞ Join us on Facebook: This track has been created specifically for people experiencing Apnea. We have [...]
4 Tips For Coping With Depression As A Creative Person (MHM Ep.6)
This video clip details my leading ideas for dealing with anxiety as an imaginative person. We check out the benefits of mindfulness meditation, or [...]
Sleep Apnea Relief Sound Therapy : Deep Sleep Music, Rife Frequency, Binaural Beats
Sleep Apnea Alleviation Noise Therapy: Deep Sleep Music, Rife Regularity, Binaural Defeats #GV 937 by Great Vibes – Binaural Beats. ( On Demand). [...]