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Exclusive: US homeopaths claim ‘therapies’ prevent measles and ‘cure’ autism
Thousands of United States kids on alternative treatments that possibly exposes them to lethal health problem in the middle of a measles break out [...]
Homeopathic management of Diabetes – Dr. Ramesh Babu N
Diabetes is among the commonest condition common in India, diabetes can be generally classified into 3 types, Type 1 Diabetes, kind 2 diabetic issues and [...]
Diabetes Awareness and Treatment | Tips For Managing Diabetes l Dr.P V Rao | Namaste Telugu
Diabetic Issues Recognition and also Treatment|Tips For Handling Diabetes Mellitus: Appreciate And Stay Connected With United States !! Visit Our Official [...]
Tom Bradys Dangerous Alt-Science Blitz
“What are you ready to do and exactly what are you ready to quit to be the very best you can be?” are Tom Brady’s very first words in the [...]
Indian doctors protest against plan to let quacks practise medicine
Indian Medical Association states brief bridging courses for conventional therapists will cause army of half-baked physicians Indian physicians have [...]