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What is Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA)?
OSA or obstructive rest apnea is a condition where the muscles of the throat relax throughout sleep, causing you to momentarily stop breathing in episodes [...]
ResMed – What is obstructive sleep apnea ?
How to cope with anxiety | Olivia Remes | TEDxUHasselt
Anxiousness is one of most common psychological health and wellness problems, with 1 out of 14 people around the globe being likely impacted. In her talk [...]
Why Sleep Apnea Raises Risk of Stroke, Heart Attack
This is the VOA Special English Wellness Report, from| Sleep apnea not only minimizes [...]
Managing Depression and Anxiety | Saayda Sajid | TEDxEastLymeHighSchool
Saayda Sajid, a Freshman at East Lyme High School, speaks regarding her experience with anxiety as well as depression and also shares techniques that can [...]
How to get stuff done when you are depressed | Jessica Gimeno | TEDxPilsenWomen
Jessica Gimeno lives with bipolar affective disorder and also desires to increase the discourse around psychological health and wellness. It’s not [...]
“I’m Fine” – Learning To Live With Depression | Jake Tyler | TEDxBrighton
Jake is 31 and deals with Depression. In 2015 Jake embarked on a journey to handle his mental health in a brand-new way, via exercise, sharing and the [...]
On living with depression and suicidal feelings | Sami Moukaddem | TEDxLAU
This talk was given at a regional TEDx occasion, created individually of the TED Conferences. “By the end of this talk, 24 individuals would have [...]
Rethinking Nutrition for Type-1 Diabetics | Andrew Koutnik | TEDxUSF
Andrew Koutnik expanded up in Tallahassee, FL as well as participated in Tallahassee Community College and Florida State University. While at Florida [...]
Reversing Type 2 diabetes starts with ignoring the guidelines | Sarah Hallberg | TEDxPurdueU
Can a person be “cured” of Type 2 Diabetes mellitus? Dr. Sarah Hallberg offers engaging evidence that it can, as well as the service is easier [...]