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80% of fatty liver disease patients don’t drink alcohol
Many individuals think that the major reason for fatty liver disease is way too much alcohol consumption. Research study now shows that 80 percent of [...]
Why Sleep Apnea Raises Risk of Stroke, Heart Attack
This is the VOA Special English Wellness Report, from| Sleep apnea not only minimizes [...]
Dont listen to Gwyneth Paltrow: keep your coffee well away from your rectum | Jen Gunter
The colonic watering and coffee enemas promoted on Paltrows site Goop are not simply unneeded, they are possibly harmful, composes obstetrician and [...]
Ladyhawke: I was always drunk on stage. Its how I hid my anxiety
After her first two albums, synthpop star Pip Brown lost herself in LA. But now shes sober, married, and back with the vibrant glam of Wild Things Almost [...]
Going viral: why diseases are infecting fiction
As the Zika virus casts a shadow over the Rio Olympics, Rob Ewing explores the growing fascination with epidemics in literature and film Before Zika [...]