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New treatment for Sleep Apnea
Kelly Bowman reports on a less invasive therapy to improve rest.
Diabetes and your feet
Adam McCoy informs us why it’s simply as vital for diabetes people to take care of their feet while taking care of glucose levels.
Lesson from a diabetic on managing diabetes
Elizabeth Corridan gets a lesson from a diabetic person on handling diabetes mellitus. For even more CNN videos, have a look at our YouTube channel at [...]
Apps you can download to manage your diabetes.
Holly Firfer takes a look at some applications that make taking care of diabetes simpler.
Managing Diabetes through Education
Jim Morelli clarifies how the medical care system is an underused, but very effective source for diabetics. For more CNN video clips, visit our site at [...]
Manage Your Diabetes
Holly Firfer clarifies just how you could handle your diabetes mellitus and remain healthy.
Managing Diabetes While Having Fun
Holly Firfer presents us Camp Kudzu, a place that instructs kids with type 1 diabetic issues the best ways to deal with their condition while still having [...]