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Type 2 Diabetes: Self Management
In this ‘Talking From Experience’ video, individuals outline a few of the essential aspects of managing type 2 diabetes successfully, [...]
What I Ate // Managing My Pre-Diabetes, PCOS & Coeliac Disease (Vegan, Wholefoods, Balanced Macros)
Hi individuals! Many thanks so much for viewing. I’m not going to make this component as well long as I intend to allow you men to ask me any [...]
Cleo’s Diabetes Story: Managing Type 1 Diabetes in school
Meet Cleo, the star of a new Children’s Diabetes Centre movie which demonstrates how students with Kind 1 Diabetes mellitus can handle their illness [...]
Hong Kong Sevens: ‘Honey Badger’ Nick Cummins bids for Rio place
(CNN)On the face of it, Nick Cummins is your archetypal Australian. He refers to his girlfriend as “his Sheila” and his notorious [...]
Paleo bro gives dangerous medical advice, gets dragged by a Doctor
TFW you are not a doctor.Image: Facebook/Pete Evans Pete Evans is an Australian chef, host of TV show My Kitchen Rules and purveyor of The Paleo Way diet. [...]