Pharmacy in Vegetables – 140 Tested Home Remedies Using Vegetables

July 20, 2015 - Uncategorized
Pharmacy in Vegetables – 140 Tested Home Remedies Using Vegetables

Another study involved senior citizens who ate a diet rich in fish, grains and vegetable compared to those who were more particular in what they ate. In this study, those that ate more veggies had the tendency to lead more active lives thus showing a link between health and diet. Other studies showed a link between whole grains and vegetables and a 40 percent drop in colon cancer. A study on women found that those who ate a diet rich in fruits and vegetable had a 25 percent lower risk of getting breast cancer.

When you eat fruits and vegetables, hundreds of phytochemicals, well balanced and working as the whole composition, are easily absorbed to provide the maximum health benefits.

Based on scientific evidence, it is clear that the safest and most effective treatment for various diseases are right in our households. A mixture of natural fruits, vegetables and herbs are some of things needed to prevent or cure disease.

Folk Medicine has collected home remedies using vegetables for many centuries. Every vegetable has a unique well-balanced chemical composition. The newest research just acknowledges the folk wisdom in the ability to prevent and cure diseases and improve overall health by combining the right natural ingredients in right proportions.

The other ingredients used in these home remedies besides vegetables are natural honey, alcohol and some herbs. That’s it.

I myself am allergic to a lot of medicine, in particular antibiotics, sulphonamide-based groups of drugs, penicillin, Novocaine, etc. And I get allergic reactions to most cosmetic products. That is why I always had to look for alternative cures. I have tried many home remedies and found that they really work and do not give any allergic reactions. I started collecting effective home remedies.

I interviewed many people and included the…

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