Mandibular Distraction for Obstructive Sleep Apnea

September 14, 2019 - Sleep Apnea

This patient had obstructive sleep apnea given that a few years. After doing a polysomnography or a sleep study it was detected that she has an Obstructive rest apnea. The individual was referred to Professor Dr. Sunil Richardson craniofacial and also dental medical facility.

Dr. Richardson decided to sidetrack her Lord job. Gillis Martin intraoral distractors that used to sidetrack the Lord job of this person. On either websites, that is the left as well as the appropriate side of the Lord job around 13 mm of newborn was expanded. After a few weeks of combination, the distractors be eliminated from an intro dental approach. When this was done the individuals snoring completely went away. Her rest apnea likewise been figured out.

Repeat polysomnography or a sleep study was conducted by the medical professional and it was recorded that her OSA was healed.

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