How to Lose Weight While Eating Out

January 21, 2015 - Weight Loss and Weight Management

When people think of going on a weight loss plan, they pretty much eliminate any prospect of eating out. After all, a majority of the food we eat outside the home only contributes to our expanding waist lines. Many people feel that keeping a diet and eating out simply don’t mix. That simply isn’t the case. The following article will give you some great suggestions that will allow you to continue to lose weight while enjoying a nice meal at your favorite restaurant. Read on and learn how you can shed those pounds while eating out.

One of the most popular side dishes in America are french fries. You’ll find them everywhere from the fanciest restaurants, to your local fast food chain. The thing is, french fries are terrible for you. They are loaded with calories and have little nutritional value. Rather than ordering a side of french fries when you sit down to eat, consider ordering a serving of onion rings instead. They are equally as delicious and have a fraction of the calories.

When it comes time to order dessert, you may be tempted to load up on a nice bowl of vanilla ice cream, but you know deep in your heart that those calories will just go straight to your stomach. While you don’t have to skip dessert altogether, you should replace that ice cream with sorbet instead. It is much lighter and produces wonderful flavors. It also has far fewer calories so you can maintain a healthy diet.

One of the biggest sources of empty calories while eating out come in the form of your beverage. That soda, cocktail or beer is full of sugar and has little to no nutritional value. While it can make your meal taste a bit better, you would be much better served if you didn’t order any beverage other than water. Water will quench your thirst, and it has absolutely zero calories so you can drink as much of it as you want.

When it comes to ordering your entree, you need to learn the importance of portion control. In America these days, the portions are huge. They are much larger than the suggested serving size for said entree. When it comes time to order your meal, you would be wise to eat half of your entree and save the rest in a doggy bag. This will give you another meal later on. If you have trouble leaving food on your plate, another popular suggestions is to order a child’s size portion instead of the regular.

Most meals start with a soup or salad, and both of these items can be a great addition to any diet you are on. You do run into trouble however when it comes to the dressing that the salad is usually smothered in. Do yourself a favor and order a salad with the dressing on the side. Opt for a vinaigrette dressing whenever possible as this has the least amount of calories.

Eating healthy while eating out can be tough. However, if you use the information in this article, there is no reason you can’t keep losing weight while spending time at your favorite restaurant.

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