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December 29, 2014 - Diabetes

A silent, deadly epidemic is effecting 246 million people world-wide … are you and your loved ones suffering or in the danger-zone?

How You Can Rescue Yourself from the Ravages of Diabetes with a Miracle Natural Healing System That Gives You Control of Your Life, Revives Your Health and Keeps You Out of Hospital … and You Can Do It At Home With Minimum Hassles, Money and Time!

Think about this, millions of people are not even aware that they have diabetes until they develop one of its complications… Let me tell you a life-saving story:

My name is Sue Kennedy of Sydney, Australia. What I’m about to share with you shook my life to the core and changed the way I live forever.

Late last year my mother was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. She ended up in the ER at death’s door with almost no warning. How could this happen? She’s 75 and had always been in superb health – active, no family history of diabetes, and a good diet.

Suddenly, my Mom was hooked up to a shocking array of tubes, wires and monitors by fast-moving doctors and nurses.

Mom’s blood sugar level was at a staggering, very dangerous level of "51" (the normal level for blood sugar is between 4 and 7). The nurses at the hospital said to us "you should be dead or at least in a coma".

I experienced a roller-coaster of emotions. Fear, anger, shock, frustration, depression and uncertainty were just a few…

From that point on I made it my mission to learn everything I could to help her (and others) reclaim her healthy, active life.

With my determination, dedicated action (and my Mom’s 100% commitment to her own recovery) we were able to…

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