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Goop Wants You To ‘Detox’ With An At-Home Coffee Enema
In an e-mail newsletter sent Thursday, Gwyneth Paltrow ’ s way of life brand name launched its yearly detox guide, which suggests dumping particular [...]
Dont listen to Gwyneth Paltrow: keep your coffee well away from your rectum | Jen Gunter
The colonic watering and coffee enemas promoted on Paltrows site Goop are not simply unneeded, they are possibly harmful, composes obstetrician and [...]
You Will Not Believe The Literal Shit That Gwyneth Paltrow Is Trying To Sell You Now
There’ s lots of proof to recommend that a couple of early morning mugs of coffee might hold prospective advantages for your health. This just uses [...]
Is Drinking Collagen Really the Key to Eternal Youth?
Growing up, I constantly questioned how aging would work. Would I search in the mirror one early morning to discover my cheeks collapsed in random folds? [...]
Indian doctors protest against plan to let quacks practise medicine
Indian Medical Association states brief bridging courses for conventional therapists will cause army of half-baked physicians Indian physicians have [...]
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