Monthly Archives: December 2016

Dont put a bag of herbs inside your vagina, warns OB-GYN
Of all the body parts that you’re supposed to be detoxing at this time of year, you might think that your uterus would escape the list. Yet according [...]
Meet One Drop, the FDA-approved way to manage diabetes through an app
The One Drop app for diabetes care.Image: one drop The tech revolution in healthcare has so far focused on people who are already pretty healthy. FitBits, [...]
Will taking vitamin C fend off a cold?
When you feel the sniffles coming on, you should reach for the OJ, right? Not so fast! We asked the experts whether this was an old wives’ tale, or [...]
I Dieted For 10 Years After Getting Addicted To The Praise
Ever since I learned to love reading, I’ve always found nutritional food labels fascinating. Little did I know, this fascination can be dangerous if [...]
Ambulances too slow to 999 calls – BBC News
This is the equivalent of 286 crews being taken out of the system for a whole year or enough to increase the number of ambulance journeys by 10%. Senior [...]
How medicinal marijuana can help treat your pups pain
Image: ASSOCIATED PRESS Medical cannabis is not just for humans anymore. A growing industry of medical marijuana products is targeting our furry friends [...]