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A 7-second video shows the messed-up way we view mental health in America.
We’re so good at being stressed … and so bad at taking it seriously. It’s almost like we think that the more stressed out we are, the [...]
7 Volunteers Whose Lives Were Changed By Refugees
ATHENS  — Nearly 540,000 refugees and migrants have arrived on the Greek islands since the beginning of the year, . In a span of just five days [...]
In Greece, Healthy Teeth Are Now A Luxury
By most indicators of dental health, Greece is one of the unhealthiest places in Europe. In her kitchen, casserole on the stove, Anthoula Papazoi details [...]
YouTube makeup artist opens up about her diagnosis with type-1 diabetes
Alexys Lex Fleming, 22, usually devotes her YouTube page to creatinghorrorandmacabre special effects makeup and body artusing her own line of paint and [...]
As someone with multiple chronic illnesses, keeping a sense of humor is very important.
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Why Many Psoriasis Remedies Don’t Work…
7 Medical Conditions That Affect Women More Than Men
You knew that there were some illnesses that affect more women than men; breast cancer and osteoporosis, for example, are two diseases we hear about year [...]
Will Runway Riot Make Fashion Get Real About Body Shape?
A new website is selling self-confidenceand clothesto women who dont fit size zero. Welcome, yes, but does a healthy measure bring its own set of barriers? [...]
HIV-Positive Americans Can Now Get Life Insurance After Major Provider Changes Policy
This is what it feels like to have brain surgery at 23 | Jessica Warriner
I have a big, sausage-like cyst squished firmly on my spinal cord and Im about to have surgery to remove it. It really puts life in perspective, writes [...]