Monthly Archives: October 2016

World cant afford to silence us: black church leaders address climate change
One of the largest and oldest black churches in the US warns that black people are disproportionally harmed by global warming and fossil fuel pollution [...]
A request from your chronically ill friend: what I need when we talk about my sickness.
When I was 14, I woke up with a fat face. I was sick with a fever higher than I had ever felt. My face felt like a sumo wrestler had crammed a cantaloupe [...]
Mom Teaches Kids With Cancer How To Cook Immune-System-Healing Meals
Sometimes in life, our deepest struggles birth beautiful new beginnings. When Danielle Cook’s 11-year-old son was diagnosed with Stage [...]
The Gender Gap That No One’s Talking About
A year ago, in the emotional aftermath of her divorce, Ann Burr Clevenger found herself in a world of bewildering, new things. There was the living alone [...]
The Truth About Yo-Yo Dieting
“> Jessica Migala, Life by Daily Burn Its so tempting: Youve got something big coming up on the calendar that you want to look your best for. Why not [...]
Targeting the untapped market of wearables for elder care
Coming next: wearables outfitted with airbags to cushion users in the event of a tumble. Smart watches are already being used to alert patients when its [...]
How long do we really want to live? – BBC News
But the consequence has been that people are increasingly spending their later years struggling with chronic illnesses such as dementia and diabetes. Image [...]
Diabetes Patients Struggle To Obtain Life-Saving Insulin In War-Torn Syria
In the second installment of our series on chronic illnesses in Syria, we explore the diabetes crisis across the war-torn country and the constant struggle [...]
Alternative medicine treatment put four-year-old boy in A&E – BBC News
He was admitted to A&E after losing 6.5lbs (3kg) over three weeks, suffering from symptoms including vomiting and extreme thirst. What are [...]